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16 Jul

There’s a mysterious person in this neighborhood who gives my brothers soda and/or candy on a specific day each week.

They call him Steve-o.

I have no idea who he is, or how old he is, or which house he lives in specifically. But apparently all the neighborhood kids are aware of this black markets of sweets.

It happens in an instant. “SALMON STEVE-O GAVE JOCELYN SODA!!” and then they run. Before I can process it.

I think the parents are vaguely aware of it….


TV Convo with Sister who we shall henceforth call Merk

7 Jul
Sister (watching tv): Good thing he doesn’t live in [city-of-my-university]! (dies laughing)
Me: What?
Sister (laughing): He lives in [city-of-my-university] and his dad said he’d be right there and drove. It took him 5 minutes! If it was us it would’ve taken 4 hours! You’d be dead! HAHAHAAHAHA
Sister: you could’ve just asked nicely…
Me: …I already said this yesterday!
Sister: [dies] Omg I was about to say ‘my bad’
Me: Haha I hadn’t even said it to you.
Me: Shut. Up.
Sister: Noooo you need to watch it. It’s good! I’ve watched it twice now!
Me: NO.

From my facebook:

Merk just called a TV announcer a skank because she thinks his delivery is too fake.
-July 07, 2012 11:03AM BIO.HD (ch.266 directTV in [city, state])

[these are follow up comments I made xD]

  • ‎”are you telling people…?”
  •  ‎”That’s so….dumb. I’m going to record it. I want to laugh at them”
  • “Oh this is going to be funny”

Merk (looking at an old picture): “Look at Zim when he was bald. There’s Roberto when he had beautiful eyes. And there’s Salman.”
Me: …what happened to Roberto’s eyes?


I don’t know why it won’t let me just press enter where  I want….>_>

mac and cheese balls

7 Jul


aw man. I burned the first four a little so I was eating them and the youngest one, Zim, comes up with his blanket to his nose and stares at my plate and says “eeeeeehgh why did you make it like that?!” and ran away. COME BAAAAACK THEY’RE NOT ALL LIKE THAT!!!

New Schedule

6 Jul

Trying this out now:

6AM – wake, wash face, brush hair, brush teeth. Eat breakfast.

7AM – exercise in backyard
8AM – make breakfast. Save some for daddy for tomorrow.
9AM – Kids wake up. Dishes. Make my bed. Go outside.

10:30AM – driver’s ed powerpoint. Turn computer off.
11:30AM – read Sherlock one hour. Turn/Log back on computer back on at 12:10PM.
12:30PM – driver’s ed powerpoint
01:30PM – wordpress
02:30PM – driver’s ed powerpoint. Charge laptop.

2:40PM to 3PM – twenty minute plan what to make for lunch. Ask kids too.

03PM – Make lunch.
04PM – Kids do dishes. Dr. Phil.* Bun too.* Read Sherlock.
05PM – Brush teeth. Free time to do (jobs/chemistry/etc)
06PM – Mandatory chilling hour outside.
07PM – make dinner.
08PM – dishes.
09PM – Tell kids I am going to sleep at 9:30PM. Get ready for bed. Set clothes for tomorrow. Shower and brush teeth.
10PM – take melatonin and sleep no later than 10:30. (shorts pajamas)
(PC available from 11:30AM to 12:30PM, 3PM to 4PM maybe. 5PM to 7PM is Salman and Roberto’s computer time on their own laptop)

Try to limit how long PC is on.

*dr. phil usually happens to be on and my dad/stepmom like watching it…xD I’m okay with it though, he gives good advice and his guest experts are usually interesting too xD


6 Jul

I had tried to make a schedule late the night before yesterday and it was pretty general and by the hour, because I wanted to see if I could even generally accomplish those tasks within the prescribed hours, and because I know there would be some inconvenient distractions that might make me divert from my plans a little bit, but I felt like it couldn’t possibly take up a full hour. So, here’s how it was supposed to go, and I’ll follow up with a ‘how it really went’ right after the list.

7AM – wake, wash face, brush teeth, brush hair, (wake sister to walk)
8AM – walk.  (buy melatonin tablets from nearby supermarket for $4)
9AM – walk back.
10AM – make breakfast (read a little Sherlock too while things cook and while eating)
11AM – do the dishes, make the beds
12PM – make a driver’s ed powerpoint to help me study
1PM – make a driver’s ed powerpoint to help me study
2PM – make a driver’s ed powerpoint to help me study
3:30PM – get lunch started since dad is home at 4
4PM – eat lunch (read a little) (Coffee/Dr.Phil show – it’s a family thing…)
5PM – dishes. clean room if kids have exploded it and we are also in trouble, but try to force them to help, or generally clean whatever my stepmom wants to clean that day
6PM – job applications? ask about nearby places I could work at….
7PM – gravity/weight/matter videos at KhanAcademy.org
8PM – make dinner (leftovers hopefully?)
9PM – shower, PJs, clothes ready, read for thirty minutes
10PM – 6:40PM (added later) – Sleep, sharp! Take a melatonin tablet right before if they really were $4

How it really went, or as it says on this paper, “Actual!” –

7:20 AM – officially wake up. Honestly learned something amazing comparing the extraordinarily dulled thought process of a half-asleep person to the same person 10 minutes later who’s mind has become more lucid and is able to answer all the questions of half-asleep person with a quick, and ready – maybe even anxious – response.

  •  e.g. why am I trying to wake up so early? what did I need to do? why am I still in bed? oh yeah I need a reason to get up. what was that reason? what do I have to do? why should I wake up….

anyways, then I woke up my sister, who got up pretty fast actually….

7:35AM – Start walking.  (bought melatonin tablets from nearby supermarket for half price because the cashier is awesome, my dad has a membership card, and the self-checkout machines let you type in your registered phone number if you don’t have the card on you…)
8:46AM – back. “never again w/o BREAKFAST” (this is on my paper, along with many crossed out lines, and numerous “JK’s”). then we ate rice krispies with chocolate syrup drizzled on it.
9AM – sister and I started making funnel cakes for the first time
9:55AM – [“read also” is crossed out, and “JK” is written next to it]
10:50AM – Mac & Cheese and funnel cakes are done, ate, read a little Sherlock♥
11:38AM – we’d decided to wake the kids up so we could wash the dishes in one go. sister and I made a deal that I’d clean all breakfast dishes and she’d do the rest that day. kids eat funnel cake, dishes start, Roberto helps.

  • some points – mac and cheese was for the mac and cheese balls I wanted to make for dinner.
  • the youngest one is 6 and we will call him Zim. Zim tasted the funnel cake and decided it was too sweet for him, which is fine because a) it is pretty sweet, and b) a few weeks earlier at a birthday party he’d kept telling people who offered him cake that “Dr. Sharp told me not to eat cake because I’m allergic to it.” You might ask why I made him cake at all then….I had later found out that Dr. Sharp is an optometrist and a doctor has never told him anything of the sort. So I figured, he might just not like cake.
  • anyway Zim demanded some watermelon, he ate less than half the slice and said he was full, ditched us, and came back later when his mother had woken up and I was doing the dishes asking where his cream cheese sandwich was. There was a lot going on at this point, and I think this is when my whole daily irritation/frustration stress thing started building up. (I cannot multitask I think)

12:33PM – Dishes are done, I’d eaten, my stepmom told me what lunch was going to be so I knew I wouldn’t have to cook.
– 3:59PM – Got very little done with the Driver’s Ed Powerpoint. Realized I hadn’t given myself a ‘shitting around on the computer’ time and kind of spent these hours doing both. So, messed around on wordpress, facebook a little, barely tumblr, and driver’s ed. Got some easy slides out of the way.
4PM –  Not sure what I did. I remember wandering around, thinking I was supposed to be cleaning the fridge but not being able to because my dad and sister were setting something up and were in the way….I looked pretty obviously unsure of myself too….hmm….What I do remember is my oldest/11 year old brother, whom we will call Salman, ate my remaining funnel cake and was using my computer to study how to write in our other language.

  • really just clicked the letters of the alphabet and listened to the guy saying them.
  • because of this…

5PM – 9 year old brother, whom we will call Roberto, got my laptop to study the letters while I quizzed Salman using paper and pen. I really don’t know why they didn’t use their own laptop, but I was busy quizzing Salman at this point anyway. After a long while of spaced-out looks, him showing me that he knew how to write his name IN ENGLISH and exclamations of “this is eeeaasy, I don’t need this to help me…” and getting everything wrong without “this” (a reference guide) I quit in a frenzied frustration and tried to study chemistry instead. But then Roberto, asked me for help because at some point he had logged onto KhanAcademy and was doing multiples involving 3-digit numbers and 1-digit numbers, I believe. I didn’t get much done with Chemistry. Then he started doing 3-digit and 2-digit numbers and I didn’t get any Chemistry done and I’m not sure if I helped….

  • I might not be a good teacher. Or it could be that it’s supposed to be this slow if the person isn’t that interested. Which is also frustrating.
  • I learned from Chemistry: subatomic particles that make up matter called atoms
  • Mostly I just doodled my mind palace out because I wasn’t sure where to put the microscope on top of a block. so I installed a new chemistry lab-bench….all this furniture….is this how it’s supposed to work…??
  • haha totally gave away the reason I started reading Sherlock Holmes in the first place, pahahaha. But =___= The books are really good. I don’t want to start critiquing the show, dammit!!
  • err, back on topic.

6PM – ate delicious food my stepmom made, which i want to finish now before other people do, cleaned a little.
6:20PM – drank coffee with the the parents. something was on TV but I don’t remember what. Dr. Phil? Read some Sherlock.
7:05PM – Coffee finished.
– 8PM – Fed kids chicken nuggets. Helped serve guests. Sister had been sick until now, woke up and did lunch’s and dinner’s dishes in one go.
9PM – showered, got ready to sleep, helped dad with computer stuff.
10:32PM – computer stuff still.
11:36PM – finally finished. took melatonin, went to bed, Roberto decided to sleep with me.
12:00PM – awake. Salman ended up coming down too. we all LOL’d about dreams and such until 2AM.
2AM – finally slept I think.

9:46AM – woke up confused, fixed alarm clock.
10:11AM – planned to use laptop to make new schedule ended up blogging until 11:45AM.

But now that I’ve written it out, I can plan it out better and see how inefficient it is.