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I made this

7 Jul

I made this

For the past hour and twenty minutes
Except for the “kawaii” decoes, I just tacked that on right now haha
(Trolling Betty)

I think the problem is within my state of mind now, ┬ábecause I could’ve read Sherlock the whole day, but then the driving powerpoint thing….-_- Also we might be going to the theatres today?? I want to see Brave too….I hope we get to see that one.


Doodle from Creative Writing Children’s Story Last Year

30 Sep

Maybe I’ll post all of it and give you the words here. It was definitely ridiculous. The people in the doodle are me, my sister, and my cousin, with her parents and our mom in the back. I made the background yellow on paint. The story was titled, The SuperFantabulous Narration of Perspective, Translated for the Benefit of Minors by a LaVartian N00b! Yep. I’m no good with kid stories. Luckily, we ended up not having to read the stories to the kids. Phew.