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Robotic Rhetoric

7 Jul

Robotic Rhetoric

This is the most amazing blog xD I’m lucky enough to have it following me currently and as of today, and I cannot believe it exists. xD

It reminds me a lot of this person who I used to often talk to on facebook xD The way they talk and what they say. I’m still friends with him (and met him) on facebook (not common for me) through this crazy page/group thing. But he was a bit more ridiculous in how unrestrained and how he approached every topic (extraordinarily irreverently and absolutely shocking) but it’s part of the reason I had so much fun talking to him. Also because we spoke in these long-ass paragraphs, which is rare to find, especially when the topic is also exactly the sort of thing you find interesting. The only thing is that I wasn’t sure if I was weirder because some topics he mentioned I had already found old. Then again he might have found me a bit stiff or prudeish compared to him. If he had become my friend before I’d moved…xD Oh dear. Well, I wouldn’t be as intelligent I think. Not that I’m particularily so now….

Wait. No, back on topic, uggghhhh I swear I couldn’t find a more appropriate blog title xD BUT YES, this blog is hilarious go follow and read his stuff, it’s absolutely amazing.



TV Convo with Sister who we shall henceforth call Merk

7 Jul
Sister (watching tv): Good thing he doesn’t live in [city-of-my-university]! (dies laughing)
Me: What?
Sister (laughing): He lives in [city-of-my-university] and his dad said he’d be right there and drove. It took him 5 minutes! If it was us it would’ve taken 4 hours! You’d be dead! HAHAHAAHAHA
Sister: you could’ve just asked nicely…
Me: …I already said this yesterday!
Sister: [dies] Omg I was about to say ‘my bad’
Me: Haha I hadn’t even said it to you.
Me: Shut. Up.
Sister: Noooo you need to watch it. It’s good! I’ve watched it twice now!
Me: NO.

From my facebook:

Merk just called a TV announcer a skank because she thinks his delivery is too fake.
-July 07, 2012 11:03AM BIO.HD (ch.266 directTV in [city, state])

[these are follow up comments I made xD]

  • ‎”are you telling people…?”
  •  ‎”That’s so….dumb. I’m going to record it. I want to laugh at them”
  • “Oh this is going to be funny”

Merk (looking at an old picture): “Look at Zim when he was bald. There’s Roberto when he had beautiful eyes. And there’s Salman.”
Me: …what happened to Roberto’s eyes?


I don’t know why it won’t let me just press enter where  I want….>_>

Convo-Quotes>> July 22

22 Jul

>>6 Year old brother: If you have gray teeth, will the tooth fairy give you gray dollars?

>>3 Year old brother: ♪ What to do, what to do? ♪ *pulls shirt* Do, what to do.

>>Sister: You just give a new meaning to the word weird.

Me: Really?? 😀 :O ♥

Sister:….o_o…It just gets weirder and weird. -_-

Now we’re watching an infomercial on one of those hair-styling and heating iron…things. (for the record, my favorite Infomercial is the Magic Bullet thing, but the ones we bought actually burned out after a couple of months.)

Sister: WOOOOOW…:D ♥

Me: Why do you want white people hair? Our hair defies gravity. It reaches up towards the sky because that’s how much potential we have. XD

Sister: Woooow….

Me: Are you listening to me? -_-

Sister: Yeah I heard you, now shuttup. 😀

Sister: It does work, I’m watching it right now, that girl’s hair was tough too!

Me: No…they probably used a..special shampoo or something.

Sister: No.

Me: But she wasn’t even African. Our hair is…wild.

Sister: Shuttup.

Me: It’s alive. Her’s isn’t alive, it didn’t even fight back.

Sister: *siiiigh*


Ok, my sister is angry at me. She wants to sleep now, and it’s 1 AM.

Man. I keep coming back. At least you don’t have to worry about me not being committed to this blog. :\

Sister: Useless…mongoose. (mumbles)

I haven’t even finished Hamlet yet. By the way, Shakespeare is haard. I think it’s one of those things that makes more sense each time you read it. And look stuff up online.

Sister: I will get you back for this. I will have my revenge. You hear me?

Me: Mmhmm.

Sister: You will…Rue! You will rue this day….I hate that stupid keyboard. 

Anyways…Hopefully..for me…I don’t come back tomorrow. But I need to help someone with homework tonight….So…I am going to…be on this computer..tonight. @_@

Yep. I feel like I should be saying something else, but I can’t think of anything/it. So…okay, bye.

And I’m naming the mysterious voter, Hanky, temporarily. Until I can think of something better. I hope it doesn’t stick though.

Hehehe, just wait until I upload a picture. Bwahahahhaha…..