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Organizing Done and Blabs

27 Jul

I like the layout now. It occurred to me that I could use a chapter list instead of doing that “next” button that I really wanted on the Kubrick layout.

So, yeah, I’m in school now….It’s a little hard to post blogs, but I’m trying. Once we get a router I’ll be able to use my laptop to post entries, so it’ll be easier ’cause I’ll be able to write stuff in my room.

Hmmm….I feel strange.

I gotta write about something….Instead of writing a puny disgrace of an entry like the one below me.


I uploaded more stuff into my studio. You can click the picture to go to my studio.

Hooray for Print-Screen!

edit: IMG is too big for you to see the downloads and stuff, so if you wanna see that do the whole right-click and copy-paste the URL thing.

Well, now that I think about it, it doesn’t really matter, since it’s a link….If you want to see the #’s at the time of the post, or evidence of my sim being in my studio because of what happens by the end of the post, it’ll be here.

As usual, for some strange reason my sister has more downloads then I do. Her older version slowed at 65 downloads, mine slowed at 24-ish, and my cousin’s had 26-ish, I think.

Now my sister jumped to 35…in, what, a day?? I think they like her face.

My sister saw it yesterday and she doesn’t like how I re-did her. I might edit her (under her supervision) and upload her again.

I changed my cousin’s hair-do, because it had been bugging me. She got a hair-cut, so there wasn’t a debate this time.

The lightning lady…I dunno, I was obsessed with lightning for like a week. I had a weirder version of her, but I got rid of it and here she is.

I figured the hair would be popular. It’s so..zingy! I don’t like how it looks there, but since Lightning Lady is in my studio modeling the look, I can live with it. The pink stripes kind of bug me for some reason (reason being I dislike pink because of it’s girly reputation. If it wasn’t for that I’d probably like it. It’s so BRIGHT. AUGH!).

Then there’s my sim. Maybe I should take it out. So, my story has a unique sim that you can’t download. Bwahahahaha…Yes, I shall do that. You 9 downloaders are very lucky.

And my Natsu-san is there. AND I GOT A RECCOMMENDATION!! HOORAY!! 😀 I LOVE LIFE!!

I’m going to be uploading some cartoons/doodles soon. I just feel like it, I guess. 😉

And I noticed the smilies have been…put back to the default, universal-ish smilies. As of…right now anyways. If they change back I meant this:

 <–This is an IMG thing.

Anyways, I’ll give you at least 5 minutes to…maybe tomorrow to download it. Probably just 5 minutes, depending on if I get chased into my room by a hyena. ^^




🙂 Sorry, I’m crazy.



16 Jul

I voted. 8) (guess which one I picked :P)

This ‘cool’ smiley leaves me unsatisfied. -_- It’s shades are awkward.

edit: Sometimes I click ‘random post’ when I view my blog just to see what comes up. And it’s usually this post – this pathetic excuse for a blog post! XD It’s more of a tweet. X’D Oh gosh.

Here, here’s a picture of a hamster I found to compensate for that.


9 Jul

I managed to sneak another post onto here. You lucky chicken. 😉

I see that they updated the smilies. ^_^

And apparantly, decided that the best time to start this National Blog Posting Month was when I, conveniently, wouldn’t be able to go online. At all. Except for right now, of course, but this doesn’t count because I’m not really here right now, you see.


*mysterious event swallows up self….oh no…the wormhole!!*