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19 Jul

When I went to see the trees on that mountain-thing I noticed I’d gotten a small bump on my left hand (a couple of cm’s south-west from the bottom of my thumb, to be exact).

For some reason I blamed it on my pollen allergies (I get bumps if I touch grass and stuff). Anyways, we decided to walk around and I was looking at one of them pine-looking trees up close and I pinched some of those needley-leaf things to see if they were pointy and I was surprised to find that they weren’t. So, I grabbed a branch and started scratching my hand like crazy because the bump was ITCHY and called over to my sister “HEEEY, THESE AREN’T EVEN POKEY!! COME ON, LOOKIT THEM!” but she kept walking (“stupid. -_-“).

Anyways, I sort of slowly remembered amidst my scratching that I was also allergic to certain types of trees…like the ones that looked like the tree I was using to scratch my bump. And sure enough, after I quickly let go, another bump had developed right next to the first one.

I noticed my leg was getting kinda itchy too for some reason.

And now, this morning, I woke up and discovered that I had 4 lumps on my right leg and 2 sort of deformed ones on my left hand. And I think I might have one on my left ankle.

My sister thinks that they’re mosquito bites. :\



18 Jul

I saw trees.

I was in a car around the top-ish of a mountain sort of thing.

It looked like there were millions. Ok, maybe a couple hundred thousands. Or just thousands.

There were green, yellow, red, and purple-ish looking trees, but they were the same…I don’t know, breed?? Species. Type. Monkeybread. My first thought was that the mountain had a bad rash or something.

Ok, not really, that was my thought on the way back down. My first-ish thought was that God had colored the trees with a small box of Crayola crayons. I thought watercolors at first, but I thought that it didn’t look quite watery, so I went with scribble-scrabbling with Crayons. ^_^

Then I noticed some of them were sort of….dead, when you saw them up close, so maybe that explains it, but I don’t think so. Then I wondered whether if the people who…were in charge of…the environment thing had planted those colored ones for effect.

But that’s totally impossible, there were waaaay too many. It was like cloning at it’s most functionable (<- second thought, not as fluent or w’hot-evah!). I was wondering what would happen if they all suddenly turned into robots or ninjas or other cliche archetypes.

It was really beautiful though. It’s an amazing view from high up on a mountain.

Also your ears pop because of the altitude, and you get twenty-six dollar T-Shirts from souvenier shops.

I imagined falling down the edge in a large variety of ways, and explained the scenarios to my sister in detail, just to make sure she got it. Most of it involved becoming horizantally alligned to the edge of the mountain from which you fell from, and I didn’t explain what ever happened after.

Then I won a debate with her about whether those random white pools on the mountains were cement or snow.

And then I touched snow for the first time in 11 years. And I regretted not bringing sneakers to…here. *whistles* And we had a snowball fight. And I tripped. And I cursed sandals. And my dad and sister ganged up on me. I think it’s cause I initiated the battle. And etc.

And then I wondered if my fingers were gonna peel because they were so numb. And I cursed sandals. Again. But I’m happy they weren’t the ones with that evil toe thing, whatever it’s called. I hate those. If I want my big toe to hang from the side of my foot I’ll have the doctor adjust the bone his or her or itself, thank you very much. 😛

Yah, anyways, Trees are awesome, and mountains too. (How often do you get to see a sign saying “Beware of Rapidly Changing Weather”? Eh? Never, unless you make it yourself. Like *I’m* gonna do once I figure out where I hid my sister’s box of crayons. Ah-boo-ya. ♫ 8)).

(Also, I was often called a monkey as a child. Because I climbed trees a lot. And stuff. I didn’t today though, those trees weren’t totally climbable, and….stuff. :D)

Summary: It really was absolutley breathtaking and mind-bogglingly insaaaane. 😯 Done. 😉

edit: I found a picture that is similar to what I saw!!

It wasn’t as pink though, I think. More yellow-ish in the mix. 😮